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The Heat of the Night © 2011 • Designed by

"Ebonee brings pure fire with her lustful writing style and passionate spin on eroticism."

- Torrian Ferguson, ESSENCE Best-Selling Author

"Singeing the pages with heat, PYNK finds the center of the Triangle and hits it repeatedly. Arousing you with every word, by the end of this journey you'll fight orgasmic tremors, then ask for a cigarette. Some good stuff right here..."

- William Fredrick Cooper - Award-winning Essence Bestselling Author of THERE'S ALWAYS A REASON

"When fire, sweat, and steam congregate, you can bet the meeting place is right in the middle of a Lorraine Elzia story. In 'Le Boudoir', the thermostat lever is moved all the way to the right...and stays there."

- Marc Lacy, Author and Poet

“Elissa Gabrielle is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She is the gift that keeps on giving. Deliciously delectable, sensually seductive and poetically pervasive; she deliberately delivers the heat from start to finish. Her words promise to have you fanning yourself as sweat drips from your forehead. Without a doubt, I’m officially on Team Elissa.”

- Rory D. Sheriff, Radio Personality and Best Selling Author of  Get’n Serious

"When temperature are set to it's highest degree anything can happen for lethal to be legit -- Niyah Moore's  ‘Lethally Yours’ is more for your reading pleasure!"

- Alvin C. Romer, The Romer Review

“You are not ready for what LaLaina Knowles has in store with "Far Way" - plain and simple! Constance inadvertently turns a message from her long-lost friend, Rodney, into an affinity that's equal parts affection and appetite. Sparks fly when they meet up. But is it just a part of two? This fraction of fiction is a fiery flame that will burn the paper and will melt the screen of your favorite ebook reader. Witness a scorching desire that 20 years could not extinguish.”

- Joey Pinkney, Author, Book Reviewer, Contributor to The Soul of a Man